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The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is providing access to resolution documents reached on or after October 1, 2013. The resolution documents cover aspects of laws OCR enforces. You have access to all currently uploaded documents that meet OCR’s document upload criteria. Additional documents will be posted on a continual basis. Use the search box below to conduct your search. Search criteria assistance is provided below.

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AMERICAN SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF (CT) (01164017) 10/05/2017

BERLIN BOARD OF EDUCATION (CT) (01171067) 07/18/2017

Letter   Agreement   

BRIDGEPORT BOARD OF EDUCATION (CT) (01171218) 11/30/2017

CONNECTICUT COLLEGE (CT) (01172217) 11/08/2017

DARIEN BOARD OF EDUCATION (CT) (01161183) 05/04/2017

Letter   Agreement   

EAST HARTFORD BD OF ED (CT) (01171083) 10/05/2017

MADISON BOARD OF EDUCATION (CT) (01171099) 10/05/2017

SACRED HEART UNIVERSITY (CT) (01172279) 12/06/2017

Letter   Agreement   

SIMSBURY BOARD OF EDUCATION (CT) (01171334) 10/23/2017

Letter   Agreement   

STONINGTON BOARD OF EDUCATION (CT) (01171190) 10/05/2017

UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN (CT) (01172065) 09/25/2017

Letter   Agreement   

WINCHESTER BOARD OF EDUCATION (CT) (01161314) 10/04/2017